What is Cloud Computing?

If you keep up with the latest and greatest in the information technology world, you’ve probably heard of cloud-based computing; if you haven’t, stay tuned for a general overview.


Cloud-based computing providers fall into three categories: Web-based storage and computing via providing infrastructure as a service; web-based software service providers; and providing a platform as a service, which means the cloud service provides developers with the resources to build and host websites and web applications.

Cloud-based computing software can provide a business with almost any application or service it needs to keep up with the digital age of sales, marketing or any aspect of keeping a business thriving and running at maximum efficiency.

Best Cloud Computing Companies in New York City

cloud computing in new york

Now that we have a general idea of what cloud-based computing software is and how it can be beneficial to almost anyone using a website or web-based applications; let’s go over some of the top five cloud computing companies in the Big Apple.


Scrollmotion is one of New York City’s premier developers of mobile applications and offers use of their ScrollMotion Enterprise Platform, software as a service, cloud-based platform for the development, marketing and distribution of mobile applications.

ScrollMotion also features WorkCloud, a central cloud hub to manage a developer’s content. SrcollMotion also provides web-based analytics software to monitor how their application’s content is used.

Capgemini Consulting

Capgemini Consulting is a New York City-based Strategy and Transformation Consulting firm to help prospective entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality. Capgemini Consulting provides information and services in almost every aspect of running a business in this day in age.

Capgemini Consulting has a technology branch, Capgemini Consulting Technology Solutions, which provides Cloud Choice advisory services to their clients to help them develop their cloud-based platform to suit their needs.

With many cloud services to choose from, Capgemini is one of the leading cloud-based computing companies to help develop custom cloud services that are tailored to your business’s needs.

Thumbtack Technology

Thumbtack Technology is an information consulting company that specializes in creating systems and practical applications for businesses and enterprises of any size.

Thumbtack takes the hassle out of designing and developing web-based solutions in email and instant messaging, mobile apps, cloud-based web applications and social media optimization technology.

If your business needs anything from eCommerce platforms to digital media marketing, Thumbtack Technologies marketing technology makes development and personalization of your marketing software need a reality by undertaking the task from inception to implementation.

Thumbtack has had many successes in many different types of web-based solutions with the development of fraud detection software used by many banks and credit card companies and digital media subscription services.

Derive Technologies

Derive Technologies specializes in creating, implementing, and maintaining a company’s entire technological infrastructure worldwide. Based In New York City, Derive Technologies provides data analytics, cloud-based computing software, mobile applications, information security, and so much more when it comes to any aspect of information technology and web-based platform services.

Derive Technologies has developed many successful cloud computing solutions to many modern technology companies, such as The Hewlett Packard’s HPE Helion Cloud platform.

Derive Technology has been one of the pioneers when it comes to developing lean and user-friendly cloud-based computing software, making it a fantastic IT company to develop a simple but powerful cloud for your needs.


Alttrix Systems provides several, specialized cloud-based office and web-based media services on the market today. Alttrix Cloud provides cloud-based office solutions like setting up your company’s website domain, web hosting support, business email accounts, and comprehensive website building software.

Alttrix also provides various web-based marketing tools for eCommerce, email marketing, subscription management software, and search engine optimization solutions to help a company’s visibility in the most popular search engines.

With the latest security breaches for many retailers and millions of credit card numbers stolen, Alttrix’s security solutions offer secure socket layer devices and other forms of cyber security to help keep their client’s customers personal information and payment methods secure from cyber criminals and hackers.

Alttrix also offers digital marketing solutions in the form of editing software, special effects design, Video and motion graphics software and research and development for conceptual prototypes.

Alttrix has also made news for their recent and innovative developments in flexible and standard digital displays. Alttrix has made a name for themselves by being one of the best cloud-based computing companies who then branched into other emerging markets and became very successful in their fields.

Wrapping Up

best cloud companies in new

As you can see, there is no shortage of options when it comes cloud-based computing software companies. The beauty of competition in the digital age is how much innovation we see coming out of the works.

The internet has never been this advanced and specialized when it comes to information storage, security, eCommerce, and communications. We live in an incredible time and success is very achievable now with the right plan and the latest information technology.

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