If you’ve been following the scene in New York, getting around the city is about to become a lot more fun. Nearly six million people flock to the subway every day.

That’s an incredible number of people, but it’s even more incredible that the powers that be have decided to increase the technology in all of their cars.

Residents have Governor Andrew Cuomo to thank, as he has unveiled a plan to spend 27 billion dollars into upgrading and improving the mass transit system.

World-Class Transportation System

The governor has unveiled plans for a reimagined system that is intended to take the next five years. Some of the enhancements include 1,025 additional cars.

Open Car End

Nearly three-quarters of those cars are going to have an “Open Car End” design that is designed to increase the overall efficiency of the system. It’s not just the subway system that is getting the upgrades.

There are 31 stations across the city that will also get a makeover. The Governor’s Office has released some high-resolution images if you’d like to see the upgrades in detail.

Increasing Standards

The goal is to bring about a world-class transportation system that will make New York on of the most impressive transportation hubs in the world. Many of the cars will feature wider doors to make it easier and more efficient for passengers to board.

The current MTA standard for doors is 50 inches, but the new standards will increase those figures by 8 inches. It might not sound like much until you realize that extra 8-inch difference makes it much easier for you to carry on your briefcase, haul a stroller or bring along your carry-on.

New Interior Structures


New interiors will include amenities to help you stay powered up for longer. You’ll be able to reduce your cell phone usage by taking advantage of Wi-Fi on the subway.

This is a major improvement since cellular phones are notorious for not getting reception underground. You’ll also be able to charge your phone more effectively, and there will be USB charging ports both in the station and inside the cars.

Full Color Maps

Riders will have an easier time finding their destination with full-color maps and ticketing stations that make it easier to verify and find your destination.

The system will also include more efficient methods for administering information and helping to keep passengers abreast of any changes or delays in transportation systems.

Improving Transit Times

The new system will also provide better signs and indications about the best method of transport for the desired destination. Residents can determine more easily the best option for their transportation needs.

Riders will be able to find the best option for getting around the city, whether that’s hiring a cab, calling Uber or getting on the next subway car.

Improved Safety

Safety is also a primary focus of the new updates. The safety of the subway system is often a point of contention for tourists and residents. Concerns over safety are being addressed by the addition of more safety cameras to help monitor potentially dangerous situations.

Audio and Visual Cues

The city is also planning to add door opening alerts that use a combination of audio and visual cues to alert passengers to changing conditions. Exteriors will also be fitted with a new blue front, larger windows, brighter LED lights and gold accents along the sides of the cars.

With the goal of safety in mind, the city hopes to improve trust in the system and bring more people into the subway system with the addition of new cars.

Enhanced Lighting


Additional enhancements include enhanced lighting in the subway station, which should help to ease some concerns about the potential for criminal activity. While 31 stations are being targeted for upgrades, there are also minor upgrades planned for 170 other stations.

More Freedom for Passengers

Most attractive to many who are used to riding the subway, there will be greater freedom and room to move around inside the cars.

You’ll be able to walk between cars during the rush hour period, and this will make it possible to locate a less-crowded car when needed. Previously, you’d have to strategically find the best car and press your luck.


The move is being hailed as an admirable attempt at attempting to bring the New York subway system catching up with the subways available in the rest of the world.

Japan has some of the best subway systems in the world. Fodors still ranks the New York City subway station as the best in the world, which indicates how New York plans to maintain that lead by making these incredible renovations before the system becomes outdated.

London is the oldest railway in the world, and it’s often touted as the second-best system. However, regardless of ranking, it’s clear that these new changes will make riding the subway more enjoyable, safer and beneficial to all who visit New York.

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