Have you always dreamed of owning your own business? Are you a personal trainer who is looking to expand?

In an increasingly mobile world, fitness and healthcare startups are not only increasing, but they are helping many people who need the accountability of you and your services.

Pursuing Your Passion

If you know that being a fit-preneur is in your blood — and you’re just waiting for the right moment to make your big move. If you’ve got that feeling in your gut that just won’t go away and you have the commitment to work hard to make you succeed.

If you’re ready to take your mobile fitness or healthcare company to the next level — then read on to learn our five top resources to consider for funding your dream.

Top 5 Resources to Turn to for Funding


Your mobile health and fitness startup is not as far away from becoming reality as you may think — and you have mobile to thank for that:

Rock Health

If your startup is in an early stage, then San Francisco accelerator Rock Health may be able to give you more stability as you grow and try. They will give your startup an initial payout of $250,000 and an additional $25,000 in services and discounts from companies like Apple.

You’ll always want to weigh those incentives carefully because some of them may be just candy that you don’t really need. But it may be worth it if some of the discounts and services become beneficial to you as you are running your startup in the early stages when you need technology, computers, office space and other infrastructure to get up and running.

Calling All Techies

If you are a startup focused on digital health, consider New York Digital Health Accelerator. This company offers an invite to about 10 companies a year that are invested in developing technology products and services for healthcare patients and their providers.

At the outset, you’ll receive $100,000 in funding from a venture capital firm or partner investors. You’ll also enter a customized leadership program to network with fellow entrepreneurs and get access to the Statewide Health Information Network in the state.

Now, this is limited to people who are living in New York, so consider where you are living and the access you need to get your startup growing. Often the network you build is critical in keeping your business afloat, and you’ll need to constantly be connecting with new mentors and potential investors who will have your back with the rough gets going.

In the startup world it most certainly will, so make sure you’re keeping your head down and your eye on the ball.

Infuse It

Infuse Digital Health offers a leadership program running 24 weeks that helps you as you develop your mobile healthcare or fitness startup.

You’ll receive an investment of $75,000 to get started and seed funding of up to another $75,000 — giving you access to a total of $150,000 to grow your new business.

Pilot Your Own Program

New York City accelerator Pilot Health Tech is in the bins of matching early-stage companies focused on technology in the health sphere with key stakeholders in New York City — thereby creating mentoring relationships and partnerships that could lead to investment later on.

Startups part of the Pilot Health Tech program will receive up to $100,000 that they can use to pilot 10 different projects that will need to be executed in New York City over the course of four to nine months.

By doing so, the organization hopes to create new and innovative technologies that will be of a great benefit of physicians, clinics, hospitals, nursing associations, and retailers.

Blueprint Health

If access and networking is what you think you need to get your footing as a startup, then consider looking in to Blueprint Health. This company, based in New York City, allows you to enter a three-month program that gives you access to mentors and capital.

Each participant receives $20,000 in cash and an office space so that you can focus on building your fitness company.

Wrapping Up

If you’re ready to see your fitness business dreams come true, then it’s time to put these five effective resources to the test. Remember that becoming an entrepreneur is a really difficult job.

It takes many hours and a lot more effort than what you put in at the gym — so make sure you really have the heart to fight for your dream.

With hard work and the right support, you can get a start at your fitness start-up. Mobile healthcare and fitness startups are the next wave of our collective future — and you’ll be providing a necessary service for thousands of people who need help and guidance for getting healthy again.

Keep our guide of funding ideas handy as you navigate your own personal path to becoming a fit-preneur!

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