7 Smart Gadgets For Your NYC Apartment

With an array of new smart home products, it’s almost impossible to not be tempted to control your lights, AC, and TV with your voice using Siri or Google Assistant. From Belkin to GE, Home Depot, and more, the number of smart systems seems to grow every year.

Here are our top picks on the best smart tech you can get to improve your New York city apartment and make it a little bit smarter, just like you.

1. August Smart Lock


The August Smart Lock is one of the smartest and safest to lock up when you leave your house. Instead of using a physical key, the system creates virtual ones for you via their downloadable app. You can also simply ask Siri to unlock your door as well.

For added security, August Smart Lock keeps a 24/7 log book of everyone who enters and leaves your home. You can also send virtual invites to your friends and family so they can enter your home at will as well.

Plus, the lock itself replaces your deadbolt, which is perfect for those renting an apartment since it is low maintenance and your landlord will love you’re adding security to their property.

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2. Smart Switches

iHome Control Smart Plug

Smart switches are a universal way to control different appliances in your home without being in them. Simply install any of these switches (starting at $30) in your outlets and you can immediately control your home from your tablet, computer, or smartphone.

Starting out, you can get basic smart plugs that let you control different outlets connected to a variety of appliances such as your coffee maker or lamps. However, you can a variety of more advanced plugs that can help boost your wifi or keep track of your house’s expenses on a month to month basis. Overall, these smart switches can help smarten up your home and help keep you budgeting your bills like a pro.

3. Smart Lights

Smart Lights

Smart lights are simply just that. All you have to do is replace your old lights with these smarter alternatives and you will notice more energy efficiency and timed power uses.

That means that if you fall asleep on your couch watching Netflix, your lights can get preset to turn off at a certain time to conserve energy. In addition, they can also be placed on a schedule if you’re vacationing and away from your home.

Plus, they’re incredibly easy to install for those living in apartments. Just screw them into your light fixture and sync it will your smartphone. No excess instructions or expensive installation cost required!

4. Nest Cam

nest cam

The Nest Cam is one of the best home video security systems you can buy. You can easily connect it your phone and stream right from your office or on vacation.

Plus, if you own a pet, the Nest Cam comes with a two-way speaker so you can scold your dog if he decides to tear apart the couch while you’re away. In addition, the nest also features a motion detector while you’re away from your app to keep you alerted on your home’s status at all times.

The Nest Cam is incredibly discreet and can be hidden out of sight in almost any apartment. Additionally, it does not require extensive set-up or wiring, making it perfect for any size rental. You won’t miss a thing with the 130-degree lens or the clear day and night filming. The is the absolute best smart security system that you can purchase.

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5. Smart Air Conditioner

Frigidaire Gallery 8,000 BTU Smart Room Air Conditioner with Wifi Control

On those long summer days in the city, you will be glad you have one of these smart air conditioners. The Frigidaire Cool Connect is a great option for renters. With this model, you can preset your ideal temperature and when exactly you would like the AC to turn on and off. This will not only keep your apartment cool but also help you save on your energy bill.

Tado Cooling is another great product that allows you to transform any AC with a remote control into a smart device. You can control your air conditioner from anywhere and adjust the temperature based on your location. You will never again have to come home from work to a sweltering apartment.

6. Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector


Your apartment should already have a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector in it. However, they may be due for an upgrade. You may consider checking out the Nest Protect two in one smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Rather than climbing up a ladder to turn off your detector, all it takes is a simple wave. No longer do you need to worry about grabbing the step stool every time you decide to cook.

This detector can also connect to your phone over your Wi-Fi. It will send you notifications when the battery is running low. This device will also run diagnostic tests every night, just to make sure the system is operating correctly. If something is detected, the Nest Protect uses a voice alert to let you know the issue and the are of the house that is affected.

7. Voice Assistants


Almost everybody knows about the voice assistant on their phone, but now you can equip your home with the same technology. Products like the Google Home and the Amazon Echo serve the same function. With one of these in your apartment, you will feel like you have a real personal assistant.

These handy devices provide all sorts of functions and will look stylish in your apartment. Want to listen to music? Simply ask your voice assistant to play it. Need to call an Uber, make note of an important date, or look something up? They can do all that too.

Everyone leads a busy life and you probably have a lot on your mind at all times. A voice assistant can help to keep you organized and simplify your life. Also, these handy devices are incredibly easy to set up. Once set up, a voice assistant can act as a hub to control all of your other smart home devices. Centralize your technology and your personal life with a voice assistant.

In Conclusion

Just because you are renting an apartment does not mean you cannot join the 21st century and use smart tech. There are lots of options available for you and your New York City apartment. After you begin upgrading your home, you will start to wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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