New York Tech Conferences to Consider

New York is famous for being the place to be for nightlife and business, but it’s also one of the prime locations for tech conferences. In fact, New York hosts so many of these events that it’d be impossible to attend them all.

That said, there are five upcoming tech conferences in New York that no tech-professional will want to miss.

1. Business, Design, & Technology Conference (BDT)

The BDT conference

For people in tech-oriented fields with a burning curiosity about the latest industry trends and improvement vectors, BDT will be a must-see conference. For the fifth year in a row, this event will primarily focus on the intersections between business, disruptive technologies and social impact. For those interested not only in how technology works but in the societal advantages and disadvantages of new technologies, this conference is ideal.

The BDT conference is not an industry-specific event, but will instead examine technology in relation to some of the most tech-heavy fields, including education, healthcare and media, just to name a few. The conference’s schedule lists multiple workshops, panels and presentations, as well as a designated networking time to make vital industry connections.

BDT will be produced by SMPLCT Labs as a one-day event on October 19, 2017. General admission tickets are $99 dollars, but students and owners of startup companies will be offered discounted ticket prices to accommodate the future creators of cutting-edge technologies. The location is currently TBD, but the above link to BDT’s website will update with that information as the date draws closer.

2. Tech Up for Women

Tech Up for Women

This event will focus on presenting new technologies for women to use in their careers, educating on best practices for using these technologies and allowing professional women to network among themselves.

Tech Up for Women is not focused solely on women in tech-focused fields, but welcomes women in any professional industry who would benefit from an increased understanding of new technologies and trends. The motivation behind this event is to prepare women for leadership and technology-focused roles in their respective industries, and offers tech-minded women the opportunity to present and demonstrate the latest technologies that are changing the world.

This event is being put on by Women in Technology Events LLC and will be a one-day conference on November 14th, 2017 at The Times Center. Tickets are priced at $275 per head, but the networking opportunities and technology demonstrations are sure to offset the sizable price tag.

3.) Creative Tech Week

Creative Tech Week

Creative Tech Week will primarily focus on the more artistic applications of technology, such as the role of technology in media, recreation, etc. With a long list of distinguished speakers, including roboticists from Google X and the Creative Director of VR at Viacom, this event will be a veritable who’s who of technological innovators.

For those unsure if Creative Tech Week is for them, consider if the following sounds appealing: A conference featuring fifty of the leading voices in creative technologies across the globe with ample networking opportunities and panels, which focuses on educating attendees on what to expect from the future of technology in creative fields and prepare them for these upcoming developments. If this kind of event sounds like a worthwhile time investment, then intending is likely the correct course of action.

This is an independent conference and not reliant on any outside company, and will be a two-day event from May 20-21, 2017. As in years passed, this conference is to be held at the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway. Ticket prices range from $35-$100 per head, with cheaper options offered to artists and one-day-attendees, but are expected to rise in the days immediately before the event.

4. New York City Tech Security Conference

New York City Tech Security Conference

The New York City Tech Security Conference is an event that is primarily marketed to university students, but offers information that would be of interest to anyone int he field of technology security. As cybercrime becomes an ever-expanding threat to businesses and private citizens alike, the world of tech security must evolve to keep pace with hackers and cybercriminals. This conference is one such way to spread technology security practices to increase the overall public protection from cybercrime.

This conference will host multiple educational sessions, which will be aimed at providing awareness of common attack vectors for cybercriminals and how to best protect these vulnerable areas. In addition, a variety of vendors and sponsors who will each be available to talk about tech security best practices for their respective industries. As an added bonus, this will be a prime opportunity to network with business representatives and inquire about openings in tech security positions.

This one-day conference will be sponsored by Data Connectors and will be held on November 9th, 2017. Tickets are free to the general public and students not seeking CPE credits for attendance, but will be $50 per student who is attending for CPE credit. The venue is currently TBD, but look at the Data Connectors websites for updates.

5. Rehabilitation Robotics Conference


As the name suggests, the Rehabilitation Robotics Conference will examine the latest trends and industry standards for using robotics to aid in the speed and success of physical and neurological recovery. This event will offer panels presented by distinguished professionals across the fields of psychology, medicine and, of course, robotics.

The primary aim of this event is to teach the principles and common strategies of robotic rehabilitative therapies, and at the conclusion of the conference attendees should have comprehensive understandings of:

  • The basic motor-learning principles of neurophysiology, which serve as the basis to rehabilitative robotics.
  • The already-existing neurological methods of rehabilitation which can be further enhanced with robotics.
  • Social and scientific barriers to the widespread implementation of rehabilitative robotics.
  • Potential strategies for overcoming said barriers.
  • The practical application of robotics as a rehabilitative treatment.

This conference will be hosted by the Burke Medical Research Institute on June 2-4, 2017 and will be located at the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, NY. Because of the valuable industry information that will be presented at this event, ticket prices are $500.

While this is an undeniably steep price, this conference is still worth attending for anyone with a serious interest in the application of robotics to bolster already-existing rehabilitative practices.

An Ample Selection

There is clearly no shortage of technological conferences to be found in New York, so the onus of choosing an event falls on the attendee. Luckily, with such a diverse selection, New York is sure to host an upcoming technology conference for everyone.

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