Finding Tech Work in New York

In the United States, one of the most technologically advanced cities, apart from the obvious Palo Alto in California, is New York without question. The Big Apple has been slowly turning into a mecca for many start-up companies that have been developing innovative ideas in the app world and offer competitive dream jobs that any techie would love.

But in many cases, some techies who are desperately looking for a suitable job can’t seem to have a good idea of where to look. We are glad to tell you about the best five tech companies you can apply for a job right now.

1. The Skimm


Start-up company that has a giant engaged community of over five million subscribers that are always active. This is a company that is fighting to change the manner in which millennial women get their information and daily news.

This fast-growing company started getting love from subscribers with their unique newsletter format, their already famous Daily Skimm and is still growing at a quick pace. They have even already included an app which offers some interesting features such as video content and an innovative marketing tool they call Skimm Studies.

There are currently many different types of open positions in a company that worries about providing a lunch area where all the members of the staff have meals together and spend some quality time together.

In this field, they also get involved in hackathons; they have team karaoke, an always stocked kitchen area, 401 (k), they are very accommodating with their vacation policy, have some of the best medical benefits in New York. They also organize social events in which every member of the staff gets completely involved. You can find all their job openings here.

2. League Apps

League Apps

A platform that worries about the fast growing community sports leagues from every city, they have arguably one of the most visionary ideas in the start-up world that may take a little time to pick up steam but will end up becoming one of the most creative ideas in app world history.

This company handles anything related to the scheduling and organization of sports leagues in many cities across the country; they take care of things like messaging, scheduling, and in some cases reporting. They are currently hiring programmers, front and back-end developers, content creators, and many more techies who are also passionate about sports.

The main perks of this company include all the benefits that all other tech businesses in the country offer, health benefits are included, equity grants, and an excellent wage. But one of the best benefits is perhaps getting all expenses covered in your personal sports league.

3. Venmo


This is one of the fastest-growing mobile apps that is taking a huge part of the users who seek a new type of money transfer option anywhere in the world. This start-up has been evolving rapidly as their central concept of empowering users through payments has remained their mantra.

The trick of this company is the intuitive and engaging experience all users have with their system. This is one of those companies that usually hires the intellectual and curious type of tech professionals driven by a motivation to change their environment on a positive manner.

They are currently looking to hire engineers and designers for the most part, but they are also looking for data analysts.

Some of the best perks of this company are the full benefits every other tech business has; they have the 401(k) plan, stock availability, pet insurance, they have a local sourcing team and are constantly supporting their team to improve their education.

4. IEX Group


The most recent stock exchange company that is rapidly growing in the United Stated, they began working in New York and are currently growing fast as one of the most profitable businesses in their niche.

This start-up takes magnificent care of many individual investors and prominent companies; they are one of the freshest alternatives that fight against the many obstacles and disadvantages that come with the stock market. The Board fo Directors is currently looking for honest tech professionals who are looking to use their skills to help build a more reliable stock market.

Among their most attractive benefits, IEX Group has all the health benefits; they have free range in spending accounts, the familiar 401(k) match, they have the pre-tax commuter benefits and paid holidays.

This company also gets deeply involved in many events that focus on human rights issues such as gender equality in America in the financial world, and many other areas. This company currently has three engineering open positions, and one design open position.

5. Group Nine Media

Group Nine Media

One of the fastest Internet media conglomerates in the United States, Group Nine Media owns a partnership between four massive digital media companies that are taking over the world with their innovative content and quality production.

These four companies include Thrillist, NowThis, The Dodo, and Seeker. We are confident you have at least watched one of their videos in your social media feeds that have most likely floored you with their good quality content and thought-provoking coverage of several topics with a journalistic approach.

Between these four companies, Group Nine Media boasts a tremendous 4-billion monthly view feedback.

This is one of the coolest places to work in New York if you’ve been looking to make a career in the industry. Amongst the perks you get in this company, you get all summer Fridays free, you get daily free meals and drinks, you also have an excellent insurance coverage, and if you have a pet, you can bring it to work every day if you like.

This company is constantly hiring video editors, web designers, web developers, content creators, art designers, writers, and many other jobs you can find here.

Wrap Up

If you were worried about finding the ideal job in New York City’s tech world, you might want to check out all of these five excellent companies. However, there are many more tech businesses in the greater New York are that are currently hiring passionate professionals who are looking to make an impact in the world today.

There is no such thing as lack of work in the United States, you just have to learn where to look, and surely you’ll find that dream job you always hoped for.

These five options are among the best we could find through extensive research, but feel free to tell us which other tech companies are good options to find a job in the city of New York.

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